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Originally Posted by XYZ
Perhaps you didn't notice, but this thread already IS in "The Lounge".

Should we do away with "The Lounge"?
I don't recall where I first found this, but it wasn't The Lounge. I scrolled back through the other subforums looking for the usual "Moved to the Lounge" notation but didn't find it. Through lack of sufficient caring, I will merely point to Permalink #40:
Originally Posted by YeahPete
Why is this thread not in "The Lounge"?
Good point.
So there're two others in agreement.

Originally Posted by Frank Lee
This isn't my thread- do try to follow along.
I'm with you there, Frank.

Why is this thread?
Why ask why? Where was this thread.

Originally Posted by XYZ
Conservative and Liberal as labels has lost all meaning.
Conservatives don't think so. Liberals don't think so.

Maybe "Democrat" and "Republican" have lost their meanings.
OK. "Conservative and Liberal as labels has lost their original meaning[s]. First Democrats were Red and Republicans were Blue, then they swiched. I get so confused. I do know 'Democrat Party' is a slur.

Quote:The only true 'conservatives' are the Amish and the hippies.
OK. Now tell us who the true 'Liberals' are.
It's nice that we're in agreement. As I said the whole Left-Right division is a mystery to me. I consider myself a social anarchist.

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