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Thanks for the replies and the info. My motorcycle is a BMW R1100R, partially faired, mostly stock, I average 48 to 50 mgp consistently over 50,000 miles of use. I already cruise the diesel bike forum. I'm not into building a diesel MC yet.

My ecomodder project started with a 73 super beetle (round windshield and mcpherson strut front end). I'm working on a conversion to front wheel drive (mcpherson struts) using diesel vw parts and a yanmar 900 cc engine (22hp the original beetle had 25hp). I'm going the WVO route. I test ran the engine last week on VO and it tolerates it really well.

I have been studying the beetle shape from all angles. Looking from above without fenders and running boards the body is pretty clean. The pan underneath is also pretty clean. With the fenders, running boards, and body mods the drag will drop below .41. The beetle roofline and rear end will be changed with a kammback tail.

The rear suspension and drive gear is out already and I am in the middle of converting it to a single rear wheel (tadpole configuration). I considered the three wheel car forums but they don't get close to what I trying to do.

Thanks again for the replies.
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