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I want a hybrid side by side!

Lately I've really wanted to buy a side by side/UTV type vehicle and make it street legal. What I've learned is they don't get very good gas mileage in stock form. I would really love to build some sort of hybrid out of one of these. I need to get at least 30mpg.

The question is how do I do it? They sell electric ones like the Polaris Ranger, but they only have a top speed of 25mph. Does anybody know if it would be possible to increase the speed on something like that? Or is there a similar vehicle available that does 55mph? I could put a generator in the back and have a hybrid easy!

The other option would be to convert a normal gas model. How would you add electric propulsion to a small vehicle like that? Convert the front axle to electric and leave the rear gas powered? Maybe add a supplemental electric motor to the engine? (kind of like a super charger)

Just curious if anybody has any ideas before I go reinventing the wheel. Surely somebody else has done this?

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