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Another new lurker - question about shutting down alternator

I am new to the forum too and I am very interested in ecomodding. I have a 90 Dodge Omni that I am going to be "experimenting" on.
I noticed in your article for beginners that you mention loosening the alternator belt to remove the alternator load from the engine. Wouldn't it be easier to just wire a switch into the wires that go to the field circuit of the alternator. It seems to me that if you turned the power to the field off the alternator would just rotate with little or no load and you could just turn it back on with the flip of a switch when you needed it.
I would appreciate any thoughts on this.
Also I have already used one mod on the Omni. My Omni does not have a passenger side rearview mirror and I was thinking of going to the junk yard to get one. After browsing the ecomodder forum I decided to put on an internal side mirror instead. While this did not decrease drag any (since I didn't have a mirror to begin with) at least it didn't increase drag at all thanks to the idea from the forum.


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