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Hi Metro and Ultarc, Thank you so much for responding. Ok, so I have the added prob of converting US to UK gallons but isn't this problem over-ridden by the fact that at the original set up stage for 'Fuel Units' I chose Gallons and 'Tank Size' as 44 litres-I did this because you can only input tank size in 'whole gallons' as oppose to maybe 9.8 gallons!

I was hoping SG would have been able to convert automatically! But as Metro points out, there is the added fact that US gallons (3.8 litres) and UK gallons (4.5 litres) differing by 0.7 of a litre!

Part of the aim of buying a SG was so that I didn't have to go through such calculations at every fill up? Is there anyway around the above problem?

I would rather not have to display all readouts in litres as I have always used 'MPG' as a measure of mileage economy!

Always grateful for all help and advice.

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