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Value in incorporating solar panels in a mobile phone?

So a pretty common problem now with phones is the battery.

And people love to customize and make unique phones. Could it be of value to add (OEM) solar panels to a phone? Looking at this image of the front of the phone, a Moto X, we see quite a bit of bezel.

Now it wouldn't be much, but it would add power while on it's back.

A bigger opportunity if we flip it over. I posted that image because it shows the multiple options for backs. I do enjoy my Bamboo back

BUT, what if this could be a solar panel? Since I just bought a solar panel, with a claimed 30,000 MAH storage (they later admitted 10,000-15,000, and it is ACTUALLY closer to 5,000) for about 17 dollars. That is all the parts and pieces, being built in an underdeveloped world, and shipped in bulk through a wholesaler, then shipped out to me, and paying lots of people along the way. They still made money off of me at $17.

So the price isn't a big deal. Incorporating it into a device can't be too difficult. Could this provide much battery? True it won't be much in power, but while in a car with GPS/roaming, in the day there is more light to slow the drain.

When it's sitting out with some light, it can still be gaining some charge. True not much, but would it be worth while? As much as I love adding wood to something technologically advanced (my phone, my car lol), I'd rather add something of actual value.

What are your thoughts? Any rough calculations? We've got quite a bit of brilliance here, if anyone has any calculations at the value of this.


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