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Electrical engineering question - power generation

This is actually a fairly simple question, but despite all the reading I've done recently, there are some things not necessarily clear in my head, so given my past experience with helpful members of this forum, I thought his would be a good place to inquire.

Basically, my question is this:

If I make two barrel type coils (a LA Faraday Flashlight) of identical specification, and use them in conjunction with two magnets of identical specification, I have in essence made two identical generators.

For the purpose herein, well say that at 300 passes per minute, each generator is capable of making 1.5VDC @ 1A after being rectified.

If I want to wire the two separate generators' coils in series, this creates 3.0 VDC @1A, while parallel link creates 1.5VDC @ 2A, is this correct?

A second question - When combining the outputs of the two generators, should this be done before or after rectifying output from each coil?

Third - Given that the magnets travel through the coils is variable, is it feasible that one magnet should induce current in more than one coil, wired parallel, with a series of magnets inducing each set of parallel coils, their outputs wired in series (to increase voltage).

If the questions are unclear or require more information, I can provide crude diagrams to he'll explain..

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