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mcrews -- how 'bout:
  • '56 T-Bird kit car
  • aluminum monocoque chassis
  • 6-cyl Subaru w/ 5-speed & 2WD in rear via

Originally Posted by xntrx
1964 lincoln Continental convertible, full EV conversion using a ranger ev axle and nife batteries with 150-200 mile range.
Porsche speedster accurate replica (beck) on a stretched smart CDI,
Recumbent motorcycle, 30" tall diesel powered
backpacker3 -- Neither've I, so far.

jamesqf -- For lack of a better term. In the National Auto Museum in Reno, they have a Rolls Royce whoe's whole body is made of copper.

I'd settle for a VW Beetle with the roof cut off and a topless boattail decked in varnished wood with cream pinstripes. You could have the two front seats pushed clear back, with a single rumble seat in the package shelf area over the transaxle. Brass handles to get in and out.

What you describe puts me in mind of the update Bruce Meyers did to the Manx.
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