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If 4.5 hp can propell my 200 pounds at 40 MPH and 150 MPG, why would you need more than the 25 HP I will have in my 3 wheeler at 1100 pounds versus the 50 cc super cub at 350 pounds, me included in both even including another passenger (not on the super cub).

If I don't need to go over 40 MPH, I'll take the scooter. Over that. I'll take the trike. 4 cents a mile on the GZ250. A little over 2 cents a mile on the scooter. A little less than 7 in the Fiesta and 11 in the truck.

I'ver put 300 miles on the truck in two months, last fill May 16th.

If you need the same power, then dowsize the engine and use some form of forced indiction for temporary bursts of power. Right now your grossly oversized engines are costing us say 100 billion a year in wasted energy.

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