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Originally Posted by TheSGC View Post
The real issue with the charger is that the fan runs at a slow speed at 120v and twice as fast at 220v. If I charge at 220v, everything is fine, but at 120v and hot weather it tends to over heat unless I crack the trunk open and blow an addition fan on it.
Is that the inbuilt fan in the charger?
So at double the rpm the air flow rate adequate. So at least you know the air flow rate you need.
Is it possible to crack open the charger and replace the fan with a higher flow version? So that you get a higher air flow rate at 120v and overkill air flow at 220v.

If there isn't enough room inside the charger for a higher flow rate fan then maybe remove the internal fan and bolt a higher flow rate fan to the outside of the casing.
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