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Howdy all. This is my first forum, and it took a while to locate such a cool informative site. Thank you!

I just purchased a 1988 Honda CRX. The mileage (39 mpg) and price ($1500) were right, better than the $20,000 Prius or $10,000 Insight I almost bought. All that engine stopping and going and batteries and electrical things galore freaked me out.

Mods I've done so far are tune-up with NGK-V plugs, gap indexed toward exhaust valves, plexiglassing over air intake which surprisingly hasn't budged temp guage but then it's still under 45 degrees outside, (will keep my eye on gauge). I also have pumped tires to 38 psi. So far third tank of gas reads 41.5 mpg. My goal is 60 mpg after mods and improved driving habits.

Just last night I installed a full view mirror that I picked up from Schucks for $20. I had to take off the visors but luckily the mirror mounts matched up with visor mounts. Any ideas on covering exterior mirror mounting holes?
While I'm here, I'm having a hard time finding an HF or early crx tall geared tranny. Found a local CRX knuckle head who says I can get a tall fifth gear package and install it in my old tranny. I heard this Friday night so can't verify with dealer. Has anyone done this? This change alone calculates to 7+ mpg so definitely worth looking into.

Other future mods that I've investigated and want to do are under belly pan,V-max engine and fuel treatment, 2oz acetone per tank of gas, fuel line and air intake prewarming, 40 weight engine oil and one quart synthetic, Baldwin oil filter, 210 thermostat, windshield wiper deflectors, rear wheel skirts. I looked at 15"wheels with 175/65r15 tires but this calculated to a meager 2.2 mpg gain. I'll be tempted if I run across some good tires on steel wheels. This way I can install moon disks.

Basjoos's car fasinates me to no end. Don't know yet if I'll alter my crx to this extent. Who knows, as I see the mpg go up, I just might!

It's a fun little fasination we all have. I'm proud to be a part of this group. At least we're doing something about the problem...

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