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pressures an temperatures

The temperature is kind of unknown because we don't know the inside temperature of the cylinder head. But we do know the temperature of the coolant (its a dial on the dashboard) and it is kept mostly at 80-85 C(and this varies a bit per engine type). However if you really step on it (you will have to transport a lot of heat from inside to outside) there will be a difference between the inside (which is heated) and the outside (which is cooled). My guess for the inside temperature when you really step on it constantly(going up a hill) would be 100C. But when you are accelerating and the water pump still turns slowly and the thermostats is still closed I guess it could run up to 110C.
The pressure at which the fuel condensates will vary with the temperature. The condensation pressure is something like P= 10Power(a/T). The boiling point of septane is about the same as water so as a first guess you could look the pressures for 80 100 and 110C up in a steam table. And once you've done that fill it in in the Raoult law sum.
However the car will enrich the fuel (with a acceleration pump) and with an enrichment formula for heavy loads. So you could take the condensation pressure of the fuel constant. The water vapour pressure would vary.

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