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Originally Posted by mbolton1990 View Post
Wow if that has the original TB,it DEFINITELY needs replacing,if it snaps/jumps time bye-bye valves/cylinder-head and possibly even pistons...You can remove the inspection cover with just a 10mm and take a peek at it.That's a great reason to drop the price a little,see what a shop would charge,etc and - it from the asking price.I think $3500 is reasonable depending on how clean it is,it is hard finding low mileage HX's or any MPG Honda at all anymore!

Best of luck,
I was just told the original owner did the water pump and timing belt, so it sounds like I'm in luck. Still steep though. It is hard finding them but I do have a want ad up for the exact car (color even matches my ad although I'm not looking for that color) so I'm hoping he is exaggerating price because I'm looking for one and thinks there will be more demand...or that I'll bite.

He's got a mkIV supra and an eclipse so I'm hoping he's not short on cash, and will be reasonable on a car that's 17 years old...
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