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Success....I got my idle speed down to where it is needed. To start things off, I went to Harbor Freight, where I'd purchased a digital photo sensor tachometer for $40.00 and it was just the tool that was required.

From there, I followed the procedures from the technical manual, which indicates unplugging the 2-pin connector from the IACV, adjusting the idle screw and then resetting the computer.

The tachometer is an interesting little device, which comes with reflective tape that I had placed on the harmonic balancer. My first reading registered at 982.6 RPM's, but eventually, I got the idle speed down to 649.52 RPM's. Given that the tech manual states 650 RPM's, for a D15z1 engine, that was close enough for me.

Afterwards, I reset the computer and took it out for a test drive. So far, so good, and I'm happy to say that the car runs quieter and smoother.
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