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Update: I accidentally discovered that the seller originally listed car with a stolen image. I happened across the same photo in a for-sale discussion thread, dated 2008. The forum was for car enthusiasts in North Carolina...and the car was a dented HX with 133k miles on it.

California smog test records have an entry for the car I'm looking at tomorrow, dated 2000 and the seller might have a little explaining to do. I'm hoping it was an honest and dumb mistake and not the sign of a shady seller.

Anyway he's put up new images that show the real car (I can verify the location as being local this time) and it looks good, save for a few small things.

It looks like there's some scuff marks or clearcoat issues on the hood, and a good amount of unsightly aluminum oxidation on the engine. I will probably ask about this, because a friend of mine tells me oxidation is a sign it was sitting for a while. I happen to agree, so we'll see what the owner says. I'm a little curious why he bothered listing the car with a fake image.

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