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I start so many threads! It seemed like I received more responses from a new thread than continuing an old one, so I probably mentioned elsewhere that I bought a new alternator from NAPA for $142 and then needed to saw off a piece to make it fit.

I still have not fixed my laptop. It seems like it is fine unless it moves, which would be anytime that it is in my lap. I am spending the summer at my parents' house, but probably should have taken my computer in, I was home for a few days.

The welder told me that my exhaust manifold was not square, but today a mechanic told me that they never are, but bolting them down fixes that. I had really wondered about the ability of small bolts to bend thick iron. He said that the heat and rapid cooling always warps them, but he always has them ground down when removed, and that I need to replace my gasket, even though it is metal.

I replaced the AC gasket and topped off the coolant, but barely drove my car before parking it for a couple of weeks, driving it briefly, and then parking it for three more weeks. It still blew cold, but I believe the AC system was making noises, I had not heard them before, and I figured that it was moisture in the system. I had a shop pull vacuum and replace it. It was only 110 as I drove home, so my AC easily keeps me cool now.

I only run it when it is over a hundred.

The mechanic told me to remove my "grill block," telling me that I am making the radiator and condenser work too hard.

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