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I got to see (I think) the VLA500-01R go into thermal cutback today. It's around 50degC in my shop, and it starts to cut back its maximum current at around 56 degC. Even with no power going out of it, just turning it on uses around 150mA and gets warm. So, I was sitting in the house minding my own business, out of the 115degF weather, and I started to hear the A/C sound like it was pulsating a little. Fast, slow... I go outside, and the darn thing is turning off and on the pwm about 1 time a second. This could have been a significant problem if it was in a motor controller. The pwm could have been ramped up to 100%, trying to see current feedback (since the VLA500-01 tells no one about its thermal cutback). Hmm... Just an FYI for all the people out there that live in 180degF weather that are driving around with a VLA500-01R.
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