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Originally Posted by jedsmd View Post
I will connect the j6 wires to a 24volt relay to isolate them from the main contactor which is 12volt.

I normally connect the precharge resistor directly from the battery pack to the controller so that the capacitor bank is always at pack voltage.

Just wondering what pre-charge times are normally experienced by EV'ers that use switched pre-charge resistors?
I know the time will depend on the pre-charge resistor value and the size of the controllers capacitor(s) but just wondering what times people were experiencing.
Are we talking less than a second, 10 seconds, 30 seconds?
Just curious to know what people think is an acceptable time.

I like the idea of switching the pre-charge just because i know eventually i would do something silly and end up being kicked by the charged capacitor.

Paul, does the controller capacitor have some sort of trickle discharge or will it hold its charge indefinitely?

Also wouldn't a 12v contactor coil like jedsmd uses be easier to work with. Simple to get 12v to test it even when stranded miles from home. 24v seems less convenient given the vehicles 12v system.
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