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Originally Posted by Astro View Post
So the pre-charge can be less than what an ICE driver experiences waiting for their motor to crank and catch.
I actually connected things so that my start sequence is:

- turn key to from lock to ignition - nothing happens in HV and controller 12V circuit, rest of 12V systems work in ICE manner (wipers etc.)
- turn further to "start" - precharging occurs, if key is backed to "ign" before 2 sec. period then we're back to previous state...
- ...if "start" held longer than 2 sec. then a relay is latching and providing 12V to controller, contactors and coolant pump as long as OpenRevolt doesn't break it (due to errors) or until ignition switched off.

My intention was to mimick original ICE behaviour of car - one day it'll be anachronism but now we all have this sequence "hard coded" in our minds
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