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Red Devil - '11 Honda Insight Elegance
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It - '09 Hyundai I10 Active Cool
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Decals (Windows 7, Intel inside, Dolby Surround Stereo blah, Energy star compliant, etc) on a laptop just where you'd touch it with your hands or wrists.
One of them always has a corner folded upwards and you dare not peel them off as it is a company laptop and the glue might stick or the paint might peel or such.

Every once in a while I expand the row with some fruit stickers or abandons from my kids (Hello Kitty, Cars) but they never last long.
2011 Honda Insight + HID, LEDs, tiny PV panel, extra brake pad return springs, neutral wheel alignment, 44/42 PSI (air), PHEV light (inop), tightened wheel nut.
lifetime FE over 0.16 Gmeter or 0.1 Mmile.

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