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As a member of this forum, mostly in silence, I have stumbled onto some very good threads, which this is one of. My hat's off to the diligent work & persistence that has gotten your project to the level it is. I also belong to a VW diesel forum, which we make reference to this forum when applicable. Usually when mileage becomes the subject. There is a lot of threads on the diesel forum which talk, in depth, about injection pumps, how they work & how to modify, which I believe would be good info for people who use diesel engines for their high mileage vehicles. After reading this thread, my only suggestion would be to see how much better the mileage would improve with a few more aerodynamic enhancements, because I believe you are close to the maximum efficiency of the power plant you are using in your current configuration. Please don't take this as a negative suggestion. I believe you've done an outstanding job.
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