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Listeroid Governor in Action!

In this working example, watch the yellow bread-tie as it comes in contact with the fuel pump body. When this happens (either manually or via the governor) fuel is effectively cut to the injector and if held in this position the engine will quit. Watch where I do just that - I hold the position the governor took when the rpms were too high and I do not allow it to recover/correct when the rpms come down Just short of the engine quitting, I let go and let it recover to it's 275 rpm setting If I get too ambitious and manually engage the fuel shutoff all the way, the bread-tie will jam into the pump body and you'll see it bend.

The blackout in the earlier part of the video (around 1:30ish) is my inability to hand-start the engine while holding the cell phone so you can guess what I did! Amateur video at its best!

Bottom line - fuel delivery to the injector can be effectively stopped by the governor when engine momentum exceeds governor setting (weights or whatever..)

Centurion's engine governor (Kubota D850) works the same way. The visual confirmation is the loss of injector pulse to the tiny tach and rpms drop out of the screen display...

At the last 15 seconds or so of the video, I manually shutoff the fuel delivery to the injector at the pump. Then I engage the decompressor. If I didn't do that the flywheels would only rotate a few more times before compression ground them to a halt. By relieving this cylinder pressure the flywheel momentum carries the rotation for many more revolutions (and keep in mind by the time I kicked in the decompressor the rpms were down under 100...

The link to the video on youtube is:
Listeroid Governor Cutting Fuel Delivery - YouTube


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