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Originally Posted by Old Mechanic View Post
Having had a Nissan transmission disintegrate on me on a 200 yard test drive and the customer imply that after 130k miles, it was my fault that the transmission failed, I can speak from experience.

If you continue to drive with obvious impending bearing failure, you will end up with a transmission that can not be rebuilt without replacing a lot more than just bearings. As the bearing fails the shaft becomes misaligned and all sorts of consequential damage is happening which will either make the rebuild a failure or you will end up with noisy gear interface from altered wear patterns, or it couldfail completely.

Just advice from experience, worth exactly what you paid for it.

I know. I should replace it. But, at least I know if it fails, it's my fault!

Honestly, the can of marbles sound isn't that loud. I don't think the transmission is to the point that it is rounding out the transmission case or causing the shafts to misalign. There are plenty of people on various Civic forums that have this issue that didn't end up with failed transmissions. But, that's not to say mine won't fail.

I really don't want to drop the transmission on the car. I was going to replace the bearing when the clutch goes, but that might take a while.
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