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Originally Posted by sarguy01 View Post
Well, I used Marvel Mystery Oil on my 200,000 mile Metro. If Seafoam is "colon blow", Marvel Mystery Oil is a "gentle cleanse". I know if there are seals on their way out, but crud keeping the oil from leaking, Seafoam can clean the crud and allow those seals to start leaking.

The Metro had one cylinder that was around 100 psi when I got it. After 3,000 miles of one quart MMO and three quarts Mobil One, the compression had gone up. I think it was due to cleaning the lifters out and allowing them to fully flow oil in and out of them.

I also MMO'd the Civic when I first got it. I ran it for 5,000 miles. One quart MMO and three quarts M1.

The Metro forum folks swear by MMO to slowly clean out the inside of engines. It might be something to look into.
While we are on this subject, do any of you know if it's safe to seafoam a D16Y5 engine? I don't want to destroy my engine seafoaming it. Autozone is having a 'buy 2 get 1 free' deal and if so, I think I'll pick up a few.

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