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I am new on here and I have a 88 crx hf and I drove 210 miles the other day from dallas to this side of austin on exactly 4gal of 87 octane pump gas with 2 side mirrows and a crappy heavy sun roof going 65-75 mph at night windows up and floating the grades, seems to me to get rid of the vortice/vacume efect on a 5ft wide car your car length would have to be 26-28ft. very impractical that is why honda has looked at how to re-
distribute these vortices with sharp wing like protrucions like on the back deck of the insight the boat tail will help but to get it out there where it needs to be you need to start with something like a drop tank and then it will be narrow enough to tapper down at a gradual enough rate to still be manuvarable I am going to shave the mirrows elimnate the sun roof and add rear wheel skirts then look at the front end first sinse the rear would have to bee soo long to make a real difference, I have often thought if I ran across a cheap hf shell about a three wheeled convesion then th boat tail could work and the rear wheel could be a hybrid e drive for in town and traffic jams
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