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I am looking for an alternative to gas buddy...

The story

When I take trips (longer than 20 miles) and also need to fillup, I look along the path I am taking (or alternatives that are the same impact fuel wise) and choose the lowest cost fillup location.

Usually my trips are between oshkosh and wausau so I know the places that can be up to $0.30 a gallon cheaper and keep on eye on them so I can stop when I am driving by.

Unfortunately as of late gas buddies map will not zoom in to show the individual stations, I have to actually look up each town along the path and also understand if the station is right on the main drag or off in the boonies somewhere (aka not worth going to)

Any ideas what is going on? Their map is totally worthless now that you can't see the station view and I have tried at home, work, library, etc to see if its some sort of system specific crap and none work.

I am taking a trip to MN in a few hours and I see lots of green out there but would like to work in so I only fill in minnesota at the best price.


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