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Originally Posted by narclepticfool View Post
I've been reading over this thread, and I am seriously impressed with the lengths you have gone to in order to replicate/beat the original's claims of MPG. I would love to have a car like this! Something that has me curious, and maybe you've addressed this in another post somewhere: safety!

I know that you have constructed this thing from foam and fiberglass, which, having spent a lot of time working on fiberglass boats, I know is strong. However, is it strong enough to take a hit from a behemoth (comparatively) like a Prius, let alone a loaded Escalde or the like? I can see from your pictures that there really is a serious lack of space in the interior, but have you considered a roll bar or something of the like? It did occur to me that the base car it was built off of was not exactly up to modern safety standards itself.... Maybe you just have the mentality I have when I am on my motorcycle, and that is "Don't get hit."

If I had the time and money to do this, or something similar, I absolutely would. Great job on your build!
Hi narclepticfool,
Thanks for your kind words!
My stance on safety may be a bit different than most folks and I'll outline it like this:

Years ago, I did a lot of running. Outdoor running along the roadsides, not on the road, but off to the side. There were people who were doing everything but actually driving and I had my share of close calls. So, I found dirt roads, wooded trails, or a treadmill to run on.

Sometime after, I got into cycling. Like running I would seldom get out into the road unless there wasn't any traffic. And once again there were close calls. So, I got an indoor trainer or used a stationary bike at a fitness center.

Then there are the motorcycles which I've had a ball with. But nowadays I'm more focused on who's texting in the oncoming lane or the rearview mirror. It's hard to enjoy a bike ride anymore, so, I planned my rides when the roads are nearly vacant, that's even if I go at all anymore.

Centurion! It's small. Longer than the Honda 600 coupe I had but also much-much lower. In fact, I've never owned a car soooo lowwww! So yes I think about safety all the time, but this time it's different. I'm really tired of changing my behavior because society rewards bad behavior simply by putting up with it (and ultimately passes more crap that chips away at our choices.) So, If I become the decal on someone's oil pan, know I was having a wonderful time in a car that I continue to give new life to. What a way for both the car and myself to go!

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