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Originally Posted by newtonsfirstlaw View Post
I'm not sure what basjoos' qualifications are, but I wouldn't be surprised if he is an engineer. I'm an engineer, and a lot (well, all) of my mods are pretty rough and homebrew in appearance.

The difference is the equipment, the machinists, the professional paint facilities and painters, etc.

Given time, a whole industry will spring up around this, just as there has around the performance industry. Well, acceleration + appearance, as that was all the ricer crowd were about.
My name's Kuma, and I 100% approve the above message.

I myself would not be surprised if basjoos is an engineer, I was more aiming my comments at the lack of "professional machinist" quality of the mods. Again not knocking basjoos he's done some incredible work, but the ricer community is fixated on that spit and polish look.

To be honest I'll be surprised if my own efforts look half as nice as basjoos, I drive a sedan so I know that my boat tail won't have quite as aerodynamically correct of a shape, but I'll do what testing and solidifying of my designs as I can.
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