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Me and my '97 Civic HX

Hi everyone, this thread is to log my modifications, progress, and anything else I do to improve the mpg of the vehicle.

So lets start off with the basic's:

Car: 1997 Honda Civic HX 5-speed manual (California spec, 5 wire 02, all original, and unmodified)
Mileage: 208,506 (as of 8/3/14)

I've been averaging about 31-35 mpg (A/C on about 80% of the time). After doing some searching around the EM forum and Google for any information I can, I figured I should be averaging much higher. So with that said, I will be giving the car a tune up and tweaking a few things.

So far I have done the following things:
1) removed factory rear spoiler (covered the holes with red duct tape)
2) changed ECU from L22 computer (California spec) to A22 computer (49 state spec)
3) increased tire pressure to 42psi
4) Scanguage II and Scangauge E for instrumentation

Things I plan on doing:
1) Clean EGR chamber and valve
2) Full tune up (plugs, oil, fluids, and etc.)
3) Upper and lower grill block
4) Power steering delete
5) Install '92 Civic CX transmission for longer gearing (I have the transmission already and confirmed it to be a CX with code "J8B" on the sticker, and have done the 9 o'clock clutch rotation test to double check)
6) Belly pans
7) Maybe some suspension modifications to lower the vehicle slightly

Driving Notes: I noticed that it is much easier to get the car into lean burn in 5th gear at driving speeds of 65-70 on the highway. I have been finding it difficult to get the car into lean burn in 4th gear when driving around areas with 40-45 mph limits, so I have been doing some P&G driving in the lower gears.

Hopefully we get some more cold fronts that stop by Texas to help cool down the temps a little so I can go outside and work on the car some more.

My goals with the car is to have an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable vehicle that can achieve 50-60+ mpg. I will be tracking any expenses and costs that will go into the vehicle also. Doesn't hurt to save money and save gas and have a little fun doing mods. Hopefully the end result will get me there.

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