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Mesuring fuel flow on a diesel

Originally Posted by TheTestPilot View Post
Hi oldbeaver
This is an age old problem on this forum ,I have looked at a lot of various flow sensors ,finding one that will measure flow at idle speed is almost impossible unless you want to pay lots of dollars for them, even then they have repeatability issues at idle flows ,as far as linearity of signal output over the low end to the high end of their range.

I have given up on these & have been using two sensors to measure pressure drop .The current sensors I have been working with are $50.00 each (need two for gasoline) ,this has been an on going development for many months due to time constraints.

I have been testing ultrasonics , but this is not as easy as it appears (don't hold your breath on this one).

There is no point of doing development in public as it always leads to disappointment for those waiting for a solution ,(but I thought I would throw it out there that somebody is working on a solution ,albeit very slowly).

The PROTOTYPE VERSION 15 is almost ready for installation in the real world ,this version is for gasoline ,but the idea may work with diesel ,my brother has a Nissan Patrol diesel 4.2 ,which he would like a mpguino for.

The idea here , is a do it yourself "flow sensor" made from common fittings & a bit of simple electronics for connecting to the MPGuino with no code modifications .
Dear TheTestPilot,

What you say sounds very good to me, and I am sure many people is looking forward to any advances on your project.

Please, keep us posted on that.


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