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Originally Posted by bryn View Post
so if 80% load at ~1700 rpm is 50 hp, that is only the most effecient engine speed if you need 50 hp. most of our cars might only need 15 hp to cruise down the road at 55mph.
if we change the gearing so that 15 hp is closer to 80% load, maybe down around 1000 rpm. the engine will still be more effecient even though piston speed is less than ideal.

a manual cvt and a scan guage setup would be really interesting to see
Yeah bryn,Hucho calls it gear-matching,and says that, say ,you streamline a car,you could lose up to 60% of the mpg potential if you don't redo the gearing.That really sucks! The engine wants to see the same "load" or it falls off it's "sweet-spot".

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