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More aerodynamic class C sleeper? Angled roof?

So my new touring vehicle is bought, and I'm starting the planning on how to
eventually get it comfortable for me, and as aerodynamic as I can.

It's a 10ft box truck, single rear wheels, almost no additional width in the box more than the front van width. Single rear wheels . Curb weight unloaded 6k lbs.

I'm going to have to make myself a sleeper for it, because the box will be used to store my robots and gear when on tour. Not much room for living after it's loaded.

So my question is this.
I plan on raising the roof from the end of the windshield above the height of the original box roof, then taper that high point at an optimal angle and curve back to the rear (then have a fold up boat tail to continue the taper.

The q is regards to height? If it tapers back at a good angle, and the air doesn't hit a flat wall up front, will the added height cause me to raise FE much?
Just will have a lot of time to think about this, and want to do it right to gain me the most extra space without turning it into a class C sail. How high can I go?
I'll post a pic of what I'm thinking in a few minutes.

I'm already going to do side skirts and a front air dam and boat tail, it's mostly the top that I'm unsure of. I know the template shows it should be a rounded roof, that's not a problem. It's just the amount of roundness that I don't know. Thinking about using steel sheet metal and maybe conduit for framing on the roof and welding or brazing the seams to stop any leaks.

So has anyone fooled with big vehicles like this from a roof modding perspective? Would there be a substantial difference if I stayed flat roof but tapered to the rear rather than curved?

Oh my brain....

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