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music wire

piano wire has to be a lot thinner..

I was just at Lowes and found the stuff I wanted, it was a big wide roll of
aluminum flashing with adhesive (w/ pull away paper) on one side.
It was in the roofing dept.. But, it was more than I needed and cost
around $24 for the roll..

I may try cutting some plastic plugs for my rim holes, if I can find some plastic & glue that will work together..

I've been thinking about how to make a bow at the bottom of a wheel skirt.
If you had a 5/32" steel music wire installed with a 1/2" sticking out both ends and could have a little L-bracket (or Z-bracket) bolted in on both sides of the wheel well..
You could use 5/32" holes in the brackets, and flex out the bow and plug the ends of the music wire into the holes.. That gives you a bow and fore-n-aft mounting..

If you had a fat molding around your wheel well and your wheels didn't stick out too much, you might be able to drill (2) 5/32 holes in the molding(on the inside, facing each other).
Then cut the coroplas to fit inside the wheel well.
Install the music wire with 1/2 protruding, flex the bottom and plug it in..
Maybe use a couple of smaller rods up on the top to hold it in up there.
You would have to be sure to make the bottom wider, so it could bow and still fit inside the molding..

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