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Originally Posted by Arragonis View Post
This - the 127/128 were pretty decent small hatches, arguably more advanced than the Golf that came along 2-3 years later. You could (probably) also use FIAT Uno parts - 1.7 Diesel for example.
Actually from what I am told Fiat is one of those companies that keeps identical dimensions components for decades at a time. Things like the mounting between the transmission, bellhousing and engine keep the same bolt count and spacing. The halfshafts stay the same, etc.

This means if I could cheaply locate and ship any Fiat motor (for a FWD layout) it would likely be bolt on excluding the motor mounts.

If I wanted to sink lots of money into this car I would look for something 1ltr or smaller and diesel or something naturally aspirated, fiat and diesel.

Would be neat to have a 40-50mpg yugo but the cost would be high.

Another possiblity would be to get an old Geo XFI motor and make a lovejoy and adapter to mount to the yugo XMSN.

That would cost less but I have no access to anyone who could make a reliable adapter without going bankrupt.

Ah well, I think it better to mess around a bit to determine what is wrong with the stock drivetrain.

At low speeds I may be able to get around 40-50mpg (eoc needed), driven normally a Yugo is a bit of a pig on gas for a 1ltr motor.

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