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crx hf help need more info, rear wheel skirts

Hi I am newbie today and got a great welcome from Darian I think, have spent a lot of today looking at diferent rear wheel well skirts, does any one have pic of thier crx project I really want a factory look and dont want to butch the car up also it has a ugly heavy half a## sun roof what kind of metal fab am I getting into to put a roof back on this it has 287000 miles and seems to be stock other than a heavy lose rattale trap stainless cat back exauhst and the sun roof it still has the 8 valve with the tiny intake and the double overdrive tall geared hf trans and with miss matched 14" tires and no
hubcaps I went 210 miles on 4 gal when I took a bus from san antonio to dallas to buy it and it had 1/2 tank and i ran at night with vent and windows up at 60-70 mph floating the hills and that is over 50mpg with almost 300k on it I bought this specificly to do a milage project on I have a 87 hf stock and couldnt mess with it as my other vehicle is a 93 mitz box 1.5 ton tree chipper and it is always 1/2 full and it gets araund 12mpg so I am going to keep the 87 as my main comscooter till I get the 88 up to snuff I have also sourced out a low milage hf turnkey block tranny cv axles and ecu from a ricer swapp
I was going to get these parts as back ups since mine has so many miles.
I would like to do the wheel skirts, shave the mirrows, hide the wipers and deleat the sun roof and find a stock oem exaust and either insight wheels and oem tires or racing disk covers the insight wheels are harder to find than a stock hf crx was I found this one in mid gutting from a kid that was going to do a 18 or 20 jdm swap and he ran out of money before he gutted the front of the interior down to the paint behind the seats, thanks for any thoughts or ideas in advance sorry to hunt and peck so long, Paul

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