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OG's VX Build: HyperMile Driving with some JDM Styling

Hello all,
I've been around Honda's for years. I've built up plenty of them for looks/performance solely, but now that I'm a bit older, I've found my taste and priorities have changed. I have a 80 mile round trip to work in Charlotte each day, and I wanted to buy a Honda with the best mileage possible. Last week, after some google research on EPA mileage ratings, I narrowed down my list to either the 84-85 CRX HF or a 92-95 Civic VX. It was about this time that I stumbled upon the term "Hypermiling". I thought that the estimated EPA ratings for the VX were already amazing, but after seeing some more extreme stats from postings on this forum and others, the possibilities for driving and modding a car for higher FE really began to intrigued me. The VX was the obvious choice for me over the CRX, since I have two young children and would need a back seat for them when they (very) occasionally ride along with me. I've also always wanted an EG Civic, as I love the looks of these cars. Lastly, I've already completed an '86 CRX SI build in the past, and just finding un-cracked door/nose/fender/rocker plastics was a continual nightmare with those cars. I quickly found a very clean VX in South Carolina on my local CL. That was on Wednesday two weeks ago. The previous owner/seller was a great guy all-around, and I had the car back in my garage the following Saturday.

I'm really excited about this "build", as it will be geared with a different set of performance goals from that of any projects I've done in the past. The learning curve will be high for me since I know little about driving/modding for extreme mileage. A primary goal is that my work on this car should actually put money BACK in my pocket. I'm also hoping this will keep my wife a good bit happier than she has been while enduring past projects

Project Goal: Eventually hit 65-mpg average, stout/healthy/reliable motor, on-board FE monitoring electronics, decent comfort, moderate FE aero modifications but w/ a hint of JDM styling throughout the build.

Really excited to be here. Some GREAT info. and contributors on this forum. I'll be back tomorrow with all of the pics and my first modifications.

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