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Originally Posted by IMI4tth3w View Post
mother of god i could only dream my milano vx was still that minty. paint has faded, people around here can't drive for **** and i've had two fender benders in the front. nothing that can't be fixed though. but i'm going through a lot of the same repairs as you right now. i've got a nice build thread at honda tech if you want to check it out

and here's your free bump if you haven't sold it yet. good luck i hope that car goes to a good home!

edit: wow didn't realize this was my first post here. guess i've just been a stalker for too long LOL looks like my link will have to be copied and pasted. oh well.
My paint started out looking like utter crap with next to no depth/reflection. I spent 2 days restoring the paint.

As for selling, I haven't even come close to finding the car (either totally thrashed or asking WAY too much) I want yet so i'm still driving it.
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