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Originally Posted by California98Civic View Post
Welcome AusKiwi. I doubt the additives will do much of anything. People often feel like they do, but any improvements in fuel economy are usually just very subtle changes in drivign style brought on by an unconscious desire to confirm the claim. I'm not saying you will do that, though... I like you car:

Have you thought about any mods? Are you using any of the driving techniques people here at EM use?

I haven't gone into the techniques others are using yet. My most effective technique which I was using before I started testing the additives, is using the manual feature on the Citroen's auto transmission to maximum effect. This allows me to upshift earlier and hold the high gears longer than the auto would. I also pump the tyres up to 35 pounds. I was pumping them to 40 but it made the ride too harsh. When I changed tyres the tyre guy noticed this and said it wasn't necessary for such a light car.
As far as the whole subconscious thing goes, I was probably already doing that before with my car anyway, pushing it to squeeze as many kms as I can out of the car.
Save fuel by treating it - costs 5c/litre, save 15c, it's a no-brainer. Message me for more information.
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