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The potential for high mpg in a streamlined 250cc single is great. The latest post by Alan Smith on is a good example. He picked up a substantial increase in mpg by lowering his seat thereby reducing frontal area. Going to an aero tuck on a bike will do the same. One hindrance to riding a motorcycle is the lack of adjustment to fit the rider. I built a set of aero bars for my bike using bar end grips, aluminum angle stock, and tubing. Unlike most units, I made the hand grips vertical so I can rest my forearms on the angle sections and mount controls on the grips. If the steering is close to neutral and does not require a great deal of leverage, you might try aero bars on a light motorcycle. The 7/8" diameter tubing is common to bikes and cycles. The twist grip would be a bit different feeling at first. Not only do you get a lower profile but the wrist is not stressed. I mount my bars 10" apart but you could go wider for better leverage.
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