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Originally Posted by California98Civic View Post
Do you have a gauge to plug into the computer diagnostic port under the dash? The ScanGauge or the UltraGauge would greatly enhance your technique and pay for itself in a relatively short while. It is surprising how much of a difference is made by throttling changes not really perceptible with our feet, ears, eyes, and odometers. A gauge will show 20-30 different possible datapoints, many of which were essential to revolutionizing how I drive, taking me from years of 33 mpg tank averages to 60+ mpg averages.
I don't think I would ever go that far, it would take too long to pay off. I get a similar result using the trip computer's running average readout anyway. This shows the average l/100km over the previous 10 seconds. I have learned that if I aim to minimize that number it makes me a lot more light footed on the gas. Kind of like the economy driving tip I heard years ago, of driving with an eggshell between the right foot and gas pedal. That's pretty much the principle of economy driving, not mashing the pedal so as not to crush that eggshell!
Save fuel by treating it - costs 5c/litre, save 15c, it's a no-brainer. Message me for more information.
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