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Originally Posted by California98Civic View Post
Well, light footed is not always what you want. You want precise footed. You want generally 75-80% engine load for best BSFC performance. The difference is enormous. Of the 30 mpg I have gained since hypermiling/ecomodding, probably half is due to techniques the gauge and how it enables quite precise engine load monitoring. If that is true, then I am gaining something like 150-200 miles per tank because of gauge dependent techniques. At $4/gal and and 33 mpg that would be at least what $20.00 per tank. The gauge cost $70 three years ago. I fill about twice a month, sometimes once. So figure just 20 fills per year... that's $1200 in three years, from a $70 gauge.

Best. Buy. Ever.
Thanks for the comments. Which gauge do you have? Also, what mods have you added to your car to improve fuel economy? Or removed from your car? I am probably not going to get a lot of support from my "other half" if I spend money on gauges and suchlike. So I need to know that your savings aren't also due to other mods. I am keen to explore all options though.
Save fuel by treating it - costs 5c/litre, save 15c, it's a no-brainer. Message me for more information.
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