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Replaced the missing resistor coil yesterday and hooked up the big car battery charger. It runs!

Got on Craigslist and found a somewhat local place that works on golf carts and other electric vehicles. Asked if he had any 6V golf cart batteries and it just happens he recently did a replacement/upgrade on a cart.

$60 each for the tested good used ones and I can get 20 cents a pound out of the two 65 pound junkers.

Yay! Cheap batteries! I'll be able to get the trike usable while I figure out what to do for upgrades and modernization.

Just for fun I pimped out a new Twosome with all the options, choosing the most expensive of any that were mutually exclusive. Final tally was nearly $14,000!

I'll settle for a PWM controller that can handle the existing motor and perhaps a solar panel atop the surrey top. Might get that modified to a twin post style like the current models to make more room for a cargo box.
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