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So the C4 is a new thought- but I didn't see any in my mass auto trader search. The majority were BMWs, with a few CTSs in there. I did a unlimited mile search for Rear wheel drive standards under 5k.

I mean this in the most respectful way: chryslers should not apply. Including srt4s. I have never had a good experience with them, new or otherwise.

I like the innovative thinking on the Town Car/Crown Vic, but I really don't want to do a tranny swap. I am open to adjusting or messing with it in the future, but not getting started with a new to me vehicle, especially at that level. Also, I would skip out on it because of it's comfort orientation rather than sport orientation.

I fully agree on little things breaking. But to me, that is weight savings. Everything behind the drivers seat is getting removed, and this vehicle will be ruined to most people.

I heard a new suggestion, the Audi A4. I doubt I will find one for that price but still a thought. So far I have seen the most CTSs, BMW 3s and 5s. I have also seen a lot of Rangers and S10s, but I think that is too far away from my goal. It would be too easy to make the boattail with poorer gearing and more difficult to use the space.

My price range is pretty firm. I'm sure most GTOs would whoop on my Mustang, but I am not going for PERFORMANCE with the car, rather luxury that has more of a performance aspect. I think ideally I would go with the Mercedes options. It seems like a more reliable all around vehicle over the BMWs. The M series seems to run strong, but that is unlikely to find. I was reading about someone who found an M5 that someone wanted 7k or so for, and they begged for 4k. Person ended up selling it for 11 or so. BT this isn't a resell project, more of a Frankenstein project. I'm not against a MX, but I don't know if I could get over a soft top. A hard top surely won't be in my range. For some reason, I am really inclined to a sedan or estate. I would even consider a SAAB, but I think there is too much junk to filter through to find a FF or AWD car I want. I should probably look into some AWD systems that I can disable the front axle.

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