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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
Is no news good news on the 3 controllers? Or do you guys just not have the heart to break it to me that they all exploded? Could someone do a video on their phone or some such media item? I want to watch it over and over, and feel proud inside. hahaha.

You would not find a video very exciting - just me driving around town with a smile on my face. I get some miles on it most every day. Of course I am not pushing your controller very hard. I am testing it as a daily driver rather than a quarter mile burn out machine.

Throttle is still quite bumpy, I am waiting for my hall effect replacement to arrive from China.

Otherwise things have been going well. We have been having 85 degree days and controller temperature has not been an issue, even with my very basic cooling. I haven't seen anything more than 25 degC rise.
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