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Originally Posted by jakobnev View Post
Why don't idiots like him keep to the right?
Exactly, blatant ignorance gives hypermiling a bad name. Why intentionally piss people off when it can be avoided most of the time in the right lane
I P&G and EOC enough to have brought the Black Widow from a measly 43 mpg to around 60 mpg, all without pissing off anybody.

The one rule I gave myself before I attempted my first coast/bump start, etc . . . . was that I would not let my hypermiling affect the drivers around me. I changed my entire commute and driving habits to be able to accomplish it.

I now have everybody that drives around me on a four lane road well-trained to go around me. I just drive a hair slower than they do in the slow lane, not even a lot slower, and never under the speed limit, and they all go around me in the other lane without getting pissed. I then resume P&G when the coast is clear behind me. Most of the guys recognize my car and just automatically go around me now.
On the two lane section of my drive, there are four or five places where I can key off, coast over to a turn-off lane, let them pass, and bump start again back onto the road without ever leaving fifth gear.

You definitely CAN hypermile without pissing off everybody around you, it just takes some work.

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