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Then let him try stuff.

Originally Posted by 2000mc View Post
Guess I must have misread things before, he got almost 5x the run time out of his lawn mower, guess there isn't any reason to discuss the merits of the most rudimentary vapor system. We have all the evidence anyone could need
If you have evidence in place to refute him, then present it. So far, it seems the science and engineering viability is there and you have not refuted that in any adequate way.

Why don't you question his methodology of fuel measure? With the small amounts he was using, a small error in volume could turn into a large error in run time.

Why don't you question his reporting? Without adequate description, no one can emulate his tests and come to a conclusion to refute or support.

So many members of this forum speak out of turn and trash new ideas from people who have an honest question. If you are going to be critical, be more thoughtful and specific so that even in opposition there is constructive knowledge to be found.
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