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Originally Posted by e*clipse View Post
I'm going to be using the Toyota MGR's from a Highlander Hybrid. In the Highlander Hybrid, they used an electric rear drive along with the gas/electric front drive. They are basically the entire motor/gearbox/differential in one unit weighing about 100lb. They are rated at 50Kw each. My final evil plan will lock the differential and use one MGR per wheel. The differential will be electronic, using one motor controller per wheel.
Sounds like a good application. I'll check around and see if one of the local (in Canada at least) Highlander Hybrids has had a tree jump out in front of it ... and become a source of parts (salvage wreck).

100 lb for the motor, gearbox and differential is AMAZING! I may even call Toyota and ask what a replacement costs. Likely $20K but I should ask
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