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Originally Posted by basjoos View Post
Actually there is a miles per gallon associated with bicycles, but it's the mpg of water the rider drinks to stay hydrated and can vary from 25 to 50 mpg depending on the amount of heat, humidity, and the cyclist's power output.
So... most of us get better mileage in our cars than cycling! Too bad I only have my bike right now!

It kind of sounds like the HHO scams that just claim you can use water for fuel and then lose you in details that defy logic.

Originally Posted by elhigh View Post
I like to call it a "miles per ham sandwich" rating, which is unfair to our Hebrew friends but "miles per airline kosher meal" doesn't have the right kind of rhythm.
Miles per turkey sandwich? Honestly, I think that is a better measurement, although you could have a small one with cheap ingredients while I made a party sub, but why get technical like MPPoTS, Miles per pound of turkey sandwich?

Cyclists do not use the water for energy, but instead for their cooling system.
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