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Well, the Vibe is gone and now I'm driving a 99 Saab 9-3 (5 speed 2.0L turbo).
I don't know what the manufacturers fuel economy ratings are but the first tank gave up just over 32 mpg. I have since fixed the pixel screen (replaced ribbon wire) and am using the average mpg on the dash. I have eeked it up just over 34 over the last couple hundred miles (mixed driving) with a tiny bit of eoc and some dfco.

This one, I don't think Saab was ever known for high fuel economy, is a little pickier as to when it wants to cut out the injectors. I got out the chassis ear again for a listen today. It will not go into dfco at all in first or second. I even tried running second way up (to get speed above dfco range in third gear) to around 4k rpm and it would not go into dfco. It seems to want to be real close to 2000 rpm or higher to go into dfco and will drop back out around 1300 or so. If coasting all the way down (below 1300) like I do approaching my driveway I now know to dfco down to about 1300 rpm then bump to neutral rpm (just under 1000) for the rest of the coast.

By far, the most aggressive that I have driven (easy to keep in dfco) has been my sons old (270k miles) 1993 Toyota corolla (automatic trans).
Get bored very quickly. Vibe, Saturn, and crv all long gone. Been a while but I'm back in the game, gunna see what I can do with this Corolla.
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