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The temp will go up with the level of exhaust boost employed so yes a lot of use will raise temps.

In the mid-late 80s a lot of high performance cars with Turbos had issues when drivers would blast down the motorway, then stop for a pee and shut the engine off straight away - the oil would stop circulating and the oil in the turbo would "boil" and cook. A few Escort RS Turbos had this issue early on.

Eventually this would lead to premature issues with oil seals becoming brittle, fail to seal, and then lots of blue smoke as oil leaked into the turbo on boost - and eventually turbo failure.

Translate this to ecomodder style driving - maybe a harsh pulse and glide with EOC might not be too great for a turbo, although the material seals are made from is much better these days.

When driving a car with a turbo I still tend to slow down gradually from high speed so the turbo has time to cool before shutting off completely.

On the positive side you are driving a SAAB. Although it is based on a GM product it still has a SAAB engine (not a GM one Thor be praised) and SAAB were early into turbos and making them reliable for large mileages. People here regularly get 400hp+ from a 2.0 SAAB without it going pop even after 100K+
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